Poverty Sunday

Poverty Sunday on 21 June gives us an opportunity to reflect on issues of poverty in England. But poverty isn’t just about a lack of money or material wealth. This Poverty Sunday we want to remember the millions of people who are affected by the modern epidemic of loneliness and isolation. There are nearly 5 million people in this country who say they have no close friends.

In this short film Valerie reflects on how it used to be:

At Church Urban Fund we’re working to turn this problem around

With help from Church Urban Fund, churches and projects are working to hold out the hand of love and friendship to their communities. Churches like St Paul’s in west Hackney who with support from Church Urban Fund reached out to their local senior citizens with a weekly 1940s style afternoon tea and entertainment, to help break down loneliness and isolation.

With loneliness and isolation a growing problem, will you help us do more?

Valerie is clear about the benefit she found from attending these events. Will you help us with a gift today, so that we’re able to support more churches and groups as they work to break down the loneliness and isolation in their communities? We’re working with churches and organisations all over the country that are reaching out to people like Valerie – who are lonely, or homeless, or new to an area, where they can find support and flourish. Just like it used to be.

Thank-you for your time.

With every blessing