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St John the Baptist Church: Communion, Sanctuary and Citizens

St John the BaptistOn Day 2 we started with a Eucharist at St John the Baptist Church and were welcomed by Rev’d Canon Dr Sarah Rowland Jones and then heard from the founder of the Women Seeking Sanctuary Action Group, a Cameroonian refugee Constance Nzeneu, and then from Jonathan Cox about Cardiff Citizens.

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Richard Kirlew: ‘Mostly hills and sheep’

2014-10-07 18.57.29Mostly Hills and Sheep; a Rural View offered by Revd Richard Kirlew, National Lead Rural Life Adviser, Church in Wales.

Richard has a passion for rurality – and finds this means pushing boundaries and working outside the box, with farmers, farming unions, charities and very small rural communities, pub ministry.

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leader articles worth sharing

Dear Ann

Could you ask our network to highlight any articles they have published that might be worth sharing in Derbyshire churches. We have reviewed our publication ‘find’ and from September will do so every other month but our readers clearly hope to have extra articles for leaders to use in sermon prep’ or as openers to sermons, for homegroup leaders to use in discussion and for parish magazine editors to publish. It could be for in house or external audience.

For my part in return you can use any I have published which are available at: http://www.derby.anglican.org/en/publications.html and if you would rather use any of the ones I’ve not written then get back to me and I’ll try to get permission to publish asap if that is needed. If you have regular items produced with permission for to be published elsewhere it would be great to know of the website address where it is published.



Stella Collishaw

Community Action Officer

Mission and Ministry Team Derby Diocese