Welcome to SRN

SRN Logo (in gold) shows the letters SRN and the words, Calling, Discipleship and Action!

SRN is a peer support network for Christian social responsibility practitioners.

We share good practice, ideas and information on a wide range of social responsibility issues and provide peer support and encouragement.

We do this by:

  • Meeting together in local and regional groups
  • Holding an annual conference on a key topic
  • Making resources available to one another
  • Sharing ideas, needs and resources via our discussion e-net

Joining SRN brings you:

  • Reduced annual conference fee
  • Full access to e-net discussions

SRN members have access to a secure e-mail group where current issues are shared, resources requested, and information offered, including:

  • Regular updates from Mission and Public Affairs (MPA) at Church House, Westminster
  • Information from other denominations and organisations working on SR issues
  • Details of relevant events and conferences

Introductory Offer

SRN Membership costs just £25 for the first year
Contact us here!

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A network of people passionate that the Church engages with the issues of our communities