500th Anniversary of the Reformation!

95 Missional Theses!

Following Martin Luther and his famous 95 theses the Mission Theology Advisory Group (MTAG) has produced 95 missional theses for the 500th Anniversary of the Reformation on 31 October 2017. Ours are based around the five marks of mission. Each takes the form of a positive statement: ‘We believe in a Church that..’  They will be tweeted, one a day in a randomised order, from @95missiontheses from 28 July 2017. We want to start LOTS of conversations about the sort of Church we believe in and want to see.  People don’t have to stick with ours; anyone can join the discussions or make up some theses of their own. We want to hear about those, too!

On 31 October 2017 we’re hoping the complete set of missional theses will be posted in all kinds of places from real cathedral doors to virtual ones. This is a great chance to get people together to ask what a 21st century missional Church could be like. A Church that isn’t ashamed to proclaim Jesus Christ? A Church that cares about the environment?  A Church that really, seriously, engages in social justice? After 31 October 2017 MTAG will provide more study resources to enable churches and groups to dig deeper into what the theses are saying. It’s going to be exciting, but challenging!

More information from Anne at anne.richards@churchofengland.org

Dr Anne Richards
National Adviser: Mission Theology, New Religious Movements and Alternative Spiritualities,
Mission and Public Affairs
Church House, Great Smith Street,
London, SW1P 3 AZ
Tel: 02078981444


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