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praxis newsletter

October 2019 edition

This month, we’ve seen the power of collective action. Over 100 of you wrote to your MPs, and we finally received a reply from the PM to our letter expressing concerns about the effect of a no-deal Brexit on those locked in poverty. Our Church leaders have spent time at the Labour and Conservative Party Conferences, and you’ve started buying tickets to our conference. You can find out about all of this, and more.
However, we realise that being people who care about justice and peace has been particularly tricky over the last few months. There hasn’t been much peace in UK political life, and the coming months do not look any less tumultuous.
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Hannah & Roo, Editors, Joint Public Issues Team

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SRN 2019 annual conference

The Church on the High Street

Date: 18-20 November 2019

Venue: Foxhill House, Tarvin Road, Frodsham, Cheshire WA6 6XB

Tel: 01928 733 777

Walk down any High Street, and it tells a story about the issues facing our country. Join members of the Social Responsibility Network and colleagues to reflect on this world of changing employment patterns, economic models, availability and use of shared space, environmental challenges, housing and homelessness, health and leisure – and their impact on the sense of identity of a community. There is no Golden Age to return to, but what is the role of the Church in shaping the future?

Spiritual reflector: Jan Berry, Poet, theologian and hymnwriter

Presentations by
Malcolm Brown, Director of Mission & Public Affairs, C of E
Alison Peacock, Diocese of Manchester
Carol Wardman, Church in Society Officer for the Church in Wales

Worship led by Alison Adams, Canon Pastor and Sub-Dean, Leicester Cathedral

Site visits to local projects in Stockport

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take the annual sleepout challenge!

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The Advent Sleepout Challenge dares you to give up your bed for one night and get sponsored to do so, raising money for projects tackling homelessness all over the country. It’s your chance to make a difference to the lives of thousands of people living on the edges of society in England. During Advent, people all over the country will be giving up a night of comfort and sleeping out with their friends, families, church groups, clubs, colleagues and community groups. They’ll be wrapping up in their winter woollies for a fun night in school halls, churches, community halls, scout huts, garden sheds… pretty much anywhere, just as long as it’s not in their beds.

Funds raised will support the work of the Church Urban Fund which tackles homelessness through its Together Network by supporting Winter Night Shelters and other initiatives. I’ve recently heard from one of our projects in Middlesbrough called Positive Pathways which is one such initiative. The Positive Pathways project aims to help people move out of homelessness into more stable and sustainable way of living and is based on a simple premise – people come in two days a week for a cup of tea, a simple meal and some socialising. If they need help with benefits or to access another kind of help, the Positive Pathways team can facilitate that.

Best wishes, Holly & Abi, Chief Sleepers – The Advent Sleepout Challenge Team

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praxis newsletter

September 2019 edition

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The Joint Public Issues Team (JPIT) exists to equip Christians to act and pray on issues of injustice, to resource churches to reflect and campaign effectively, and to help our Churches to speak out with a distinctively Christian voice on injustice. We hope that this newsletter helps to inspire and encourage you to pray and to keep speaking out about the injustices you see around you, no matter how uncertain the times we are living in can seem to be.
Looking back over the last month and looking ahead to the next, there is so much to tell you about. We exposed the surprising link between the DWP and striptease artists, we continue to wait for a response to the letter we sent to the PM and we have some exciting announcements to make about our conference in 2020.
There are changes in our staffing to update you on, plus the usual round-up of our recent blogs and upcoming events.
Vital to our work in resourcing our churches well is hearing from you: please keep in touch using our contact details or social media channels, particularly about how you’re getting on and the challenges you face as we together work and pray for a more just and peaceful world.

Hannah & Roo, Editors, Joint Public Issues Team

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praxis newsletter

August 2019 edition

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Whether you’re reading your JPIT newsletter on a beach in the sun, up a mountain, in a rainforest, in another country (or somewhere exciting in this one), on the sofa or sneakily at work, we hope you are having a lovely summer. Here at the JPIT office, whilst we’ve all had time for a bit of a break, the action hasn’t stopped!

We’ve already written to our new Prime Minister regarding a no-deal Brexit. We’ve also begun engaging with the new cabinet, lobbying Priti Patel, the new Home Secretary, to ask her to #LiftTheBan that prevents asylum seekers from working. Over the next few weeks we’ll be talking about the arms trade and leading conversations at Greenbelt Festival. We’ll also be saying a sad goodbye to some of our team.

Hannah & Roo, Editors, Joint Public Issues Team

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Supporting refugees into employment

Information on the ongoing discussion on how best to support refugees to find employment and those who are professionals to use/adapt their degrees to the British system in order to find professional employment.
Here are two links to articles on the subject and guidelines received from NHS Hounslow Clinical Commissioning Group.
The first is a Guardian article and the second a link to Guidelines issued in May 2019.

Information supplied by:
Nelly Misenga, Development Officer
Church Urban Fund

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PRAXIS newsletter

July 2019 edition (Nr. 106)

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Some schools have already broken up for the summer, Parliament will soon be in recess and we hope that you too will be able to have some time to rest, recuperate and enjoy some relief from regular commitments over the next few weeks.

With the UK in the throes of a Conservative leadership contest, we’re expecting that the political currents will continue to experience some turbulence despite the holidays, and the Joint Public issues Team will have plenty to keep us occupied too, as we finalise preparations for our workshops at Greenbelt Festival in August.

Information supplied by Hannah & Roo, editors

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why we should welcome child refugees

A range of 16-theological and practical resources for churches about why we should welcome child refugees. The Mission Theology Advisory Group* has written this study material which includes discussion, actions, bible, prayer and sermon material and suggestions for personal spiritual transformation.

Anne Richards, June 2019

Click to access the resources on their web site!

* The Mission Theology Advisory Group which Anne Richards convenes and which includes Rev Juliet Kilpin of Safe Passage and Peaceful Borders

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Linking Lives UK – Video launch

Linking Lives UK – a Christian project addressing social isolation and loneliness

You will no doubt be aware that loneliness and social isolation are issues of increasing concern in the UK, and Church Urban Fund have found that almost 70% of Anglican clergy see loneliness as the biggest issue in their communities.
You may also be aware that the government produced a Loneliness Strategy last November (2018) and we are working with them, along with other Christian organisations, to discuss the role of churches and faith groups in addressing these issues.
It is against this background that we launched a promotional film outlining our work, and we are looking for partners from churches and Christian organisations who would be interested in working with us to set up a Linking Lives befriending project in their community. The short film can be found on our website where further information can be downloaded.

Jeremy Sharpe, National Director, 10 May 2019

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This information is supplied by:

Jeremy Sharpe
National Director, Linking Lives UK

Tel: 0300 302 0225

Linking Lives UK – Registered Charity No: 1170325

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PRAXIS newsletter

June 2019 edition

Lift the Ban

17 – 23 June is Refugee Week

…where we celebrate the contribution of refugees and migrants in our communities, and ask what it’s like to be a refugee in the UK. This year, we’re inviting you to get involved with the Lift The Ban month of action.

Zero target Emissions by 2050

…we are celebrating, as the UK Government have declared their commitment to legislate the UK’s goal to net-zero target emissions by 2050. This is fantastic news, and the first step in the right direction of responding to the climate crisis. We realise there’s still a lot to do to reach this target, so that’s why we’re joining with others on Wednesday 26 June to say The Time Is Now for an ambitious response to the climate crisis. Read on to find out how you can get involved.

Hannah & Roo JPIT editorial team

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