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Linking Lives UK – Video launch

Linking Lives UK – a Christian project addressing social isolation and loneliness

You will no doubt be aware that loneliness and social isolation are issues of increasing concern in the UK, and Church Urban Fund have found that almost 70% of Anglican clergy see loneliness as the biggest issue in their communities.
You may also be aware that the government produced a Loneliness Strategy last November (2018) and we are working with them, along with other Christian organisations, to discuss the role of churches and faith groups in addressing these issues.
It is against this background that we launched a promotional film outlining our work, and we are looking for partners from churches and Christian organisations who would be interested in working with us to set up a Linking Lives befriending project in their community. The short film can be found on our website where further information can be downloaded.

Jeremy Sharpe, National Director, 10 May 2019

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This information is supplied by:

Jeremy Sharpe
National Director, Linking Lives UK

Tel: 0300 302 0225

Linking Lives UK – Registered Charity No: 1170325

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PRAXIS newsletter

June 2019 edition

Lift the Ban

17 – 23 June is Refugee Week

…where we celebrate the contribution of refugees and migrants in our communities, and ask what it’s like to be a refugee in the UK. This year, we’re inviting you to get involved with the Lift The Ban month of action.

Zero target Emissions by 2050

…we are celebrating, as the UK Government have declared their commitment to legislate the UK’s goal to net-zero target emissions by 2050. This is fantastic news, and the first step in the right direction of responding to the climate crisis. We realise there’s still a lot to do to reach this target, so that’s why we’re joining with others on Wednesday 26 June to say The Time Is Now for an ambitious response to the climate crisis. Read on to find out how you can get involved.

Hannah & Roo JPIT editorial team

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Germinate lecture 2019


(Strapline from advert for the event May 2019)

With George Dunn
CEO, Tenant Farmers Association

George Dunn has been CEO of the Tenant Farmers Association (TFA) since January 1997 and is on the leadership team of his local, Reading-based, Elim Pentecostal church

10 am-2 pm

Cost: £20.00

Location: John Kirkham Hall
King’s Park Conference and Sports Centre
Kings Park Road, Northampton

Please book online by going to and searching ‘Germinate Lecture’. For more information email or phone 024 7685 3060.
Please inform us of any dietary requirements in advance

Often when we think about church and leadership we think immediately of clergy of various descriptions. But what about head teachers, office managers, newspaper editors, financial controllers, magistrates, farm managers, school governors, youth football coaches, scout leaders and chief executives?In rural, suburban and urban communities across the UK, congregations are peppered with individuals such as these with spheres of influence that may never be touched by traditional forms of leadership within our churches.

Exercising Christian leadership in a secular context requires wisdom, sensitivity and strength. How can our rural churches find ways to nurture, support, protect and grow the leaders in our communities? And what might those leaders have to offer to our churches?

This event is for anyone who is interested in the nature and exercise of leadership in the rural church. Whether you’re a clergy person, lay leader, involved in a rural church or just curious, we’d love to see you!

10.00: Coffee
10.30: Lecture and Q&A
12.00: Lunch
1:00 Celebration of completion of Germinate Leadership 2017-19
2.00: Close

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SRN 2019 Conference

2019 Theme:
‘The Church on the High Street’

Proposed venue: Foxhill House, (the Chester diocesan retreat house near Frodsham)

Proposed dates: 18-20 November 2019

The cost would be similar to previous years, with an exact figure to be agreed when the outline plan for the conference was in place.

Information taken from Minutes of the SRN EG meeting held at Church House, Westminster on 28 February- 2019

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Faith and the Future of the Countryside


Dates: 23-27 September 2019 (Mon-Fri)

Location: Lee Abbey Christian Community

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Who’s speaking? – Bishop Alan Smith

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The conference will explore the rapidly changing face of the countryside in England and the role that the Church can play in shaping it. Drawing on the experience and insights of the delegates, it will provide an opportunity to think together about a wide range of rural subjects, including the environment, agriculture and leisure. In addition there will be input designed to offer spiritual refreshment for the participants

This information supplied by:
Revd Elizabeth Clark MA
National Rural Officer for the Methodist & United Reformed Churches

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Mental health & wellbeing

Thinking of mental health and wellbeing, the Church has a great deal to say about what it means to be human with all its fragility, weakness and vulnerability alongside capacity for growth, development, wholeness, healing and the building of relationships. It is also able to offer alternatives to state provision and thinking about health and care.

Study day – Birmingham – 10 July 2018

The Social Responsibility Network arranged a study day for members and colleagues to share ideas, experience and resources on work with mental health and wellbeing and to talk about areas where the Church can make a contribution or a difference. Underpinning the conversations during the day was the fundamental importance of honouring the reality and gifting of each individual, using an asset-based community development approach in working with mental health and co-production with ‘experts by experience.’

Key Issues identified

Discussions in the morning identified a number of key issues that were addressed in more detail in workshops in the afternoon:

• Contextualised services and support for people moving back into the community.
• Theology and language used around mental health and wellbeing.
• Resources that are available, and what is missing that would be helpful. (A list of resources is now available!)
• Liturgy and spirituality. (see one example on this subject here!)
• Links between the Church and other professional organisations and services.
• Issues for dioceses.
• Campaigning and prevention. (For example Zero Suicide Alliance)

Top three discussion points…

Three sentences captured the thinking of the group discussions in the morning:
• No decision about me without me.
• Wellbeing and recovery depends on patient, personal agency.
• Broken people together can make whole communities.

Final thoughts

Some comments and questions from the day:
• There is more hope that a faithful parish church will be able to provide support than diocesan structures. It offers features that promote mental health – connection, belonging, identity, acceptance, meaning, a role, etc. But don’t give up on the diocese!
• Symptoms, not causes, are often being addressed.
• We can share insight that mental illness can be a spiritual / transformative experience.
• What will be the role of the Church in the political / social / economic map in the next 10-years? We need to begin to engage with these issues now.
• How do we make connections with other professionals and join things together? A good start would be to talk to people already in our churches who are working in mental health.
• Campaigns are based on engagement – does the Church own its investment in mental health?
• Talk to the most vulnerable people in the church about a spirituality that works for them.
• Affirm the importance of communities, love and relationships.
• Where is God calling me?

Prepared by Ann Wright, SRN, 2/8/2018

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praxis newsletter

March 2019 Edition

Spring is becoming more apparent (for those in the UK at least) and with it the signs of hope for new life. Our Living Lent community has been flourishing too, with almost 500 people receiving our daily mailshot of inspiration and encouragement. Over 200 people are part of our Living Lent Facebook groups, sharing tips and stories. You can find out how to join in with these below.

We were delighted at the beginning of this month to see progress on how the UK Government will determine who is in need of support, by taking the step to also measure food poverty. Yet we all continue to await progress on Brexit. Lucy Berry, our Poet-in-Residence, has filmed a poem in response to current developments entitled ‘Christ Knows’ – you can watch it by following the link in this newsletter.

Hannah & Roo
JPIT Newsletter Editors

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Equipping for rural mission

This resource has been produced and developed by Stella Collishaw (SR Network) and Simon Martin (The Arthur Rank Centre).

  • is free to download
  • is a web-based toolkit for small rural churches
  • is aimed at helping you understand your local Church congregation and the community you serve
  • it follows the broad principles of the pastoral cycle
  • is designed to be used by lay leaders
  • to be used by one, or a group of, church(es)
  • The aim of the toolkit is to give simple ways to rethink community based mission

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stories for the soul

Weekly e-bulletin from Sheffield – 27 November 2018

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Here is some information from colleagues in Sheffield:

Stories for the Soul is an exciting initiative in the Diocese of Sheffield which offers an innovative ministry with older people, including those living with dementia. Inspired by Godly Play, it recognises the need for community, story and creativity to bring spiritual well being. It is having a significant missional impact in the Diocese and one of the leaders, Carrie Twist, has been awarded Dementia Care Champion at the National Dementia Care Awards 2018.

For more information and to book a day’s training on Dementia, Well being and Creativity in your Diocese.

The ebulletin that went out to the Diocese of Sheffield gives the photo that they used and more information

with thanks

Kathryn Lord

PRAXIS Newsletter

February 2019 Edition

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The past month has seen the team continue to get excited about Living Lent, and becoming part of a community who are committing to respond to the call to climate action.

We’ve also continued to explore how we can create a welcoming environment for those seeking refuge in the UK, with poetry from our poet-in-residence.

As you might have seen, debate has been raised around the UK’s international aid budget, and we’ve taken some time this month to respond.

This month’s newsletter also includes an up to date response on Universal Credit, an invitation to come and work with JPIT and a list of some of the things we’re looking forward to.

With every blessing,

Hannah and Roo
JPIT Newsletter Editors