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Dementia and Safeguarding issues

Hello everyone
As part of our work for people living with dementia and parishes learning to welcome them, we have drafted some pastoral care guidelines and begun to address some safeguarding issues  just an early working document really. I wondered whether any of your dioceses had developed anything we could consult or whether you would like to make any comments on the guide? Click to Download!? We welcome any advice or if you have any documents we could consult, kindly send,
thank you,

Sally Farrant, Social Responsibility Officer (Part-time) Church of England in Devon

From: Sally Farrant,

Dying Matters Awareness Week

from David McCoulough, Director of Partnerships & Mission, Diocese of Southwell & Nottingham

I was wondering if any colleagues have linked in with Dying Matters Awareness Week in May (Annually)

Does national church have any connection with this?

I am involved with a local Clinical Commissioning Group End of Life team and we have a sub group looking at Spirituality and End of life planning and care.



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