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“We enable local groups and churches to provide practical help to people in housing need. At the same time we work for change in housing policies at national and local level. We do this by embracing partnership with people of all faiths (and none) who share our values of social justice and compassion.”

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FT Austerity Britain 2015

A I’ve been sent a couple of links to FT Articles about Austerity Britain and I thought that they would be of interest around the network, in particular the effect on local services. One of them lets you know the effect on individual councils:
Local cuts checker

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Richard Jordan
Parish Priest of St Nicholas, Rawreth
Faith in Action Adviser for the Bradwell Area of Chelmsford Diocese
Area Dean of Rochford Deanery

Access to Justice

Theos, the Christian policy think-tank, is doing a report on the Christian perspective on the radical reductions in legal aid which this government has successively introduced.  The main thrust of the report will, I guess, be to shine a Christian ethical light on the damage caused by the cuts.

As part of that report, they are very interested to hear about any project or initiatives at local level, which churches or Christian groups are providing any sort of service to help foil the gap in advice which has left so many vulnerable people with no redress.  This is primarily about legal advice, but related types of advice would also be of interest (though not perhaps the  fields of finance and debt advice, where there are great Christian-based organisations working so effectively.)

Clearly there are major challenges in the field of insurance and professional indemnity – but if you know of any such services being delivered or planned within your area, I’d be very pleased to hear of them so that I can give the relevant person at Theos the information.  Any requests about confidentiality,  or any particular sensitivities will of course be respected.

Many thanks,  Martin

Martin Kettle, Home Affairs Policy Adviser, Mission & Public Affairs Division