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This is an internal category to maintain and display by geographical region the list of Church-of-England diocesan SR contacts and links to their web sites.

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Region: East

Chelmsford Diocese

(esp. Bradwell Episcopal Area)
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Ely Diocese

Follow links – Mission, Social Justice, etc

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(Board for Church in Society (For Church in Society follow links under Church and Community) The Board consists of diocesan officers and lay representatives from a wide range of social interests. It seeks to promote, develop and co-ordinate responsible social thought and action within the Diocese. It provides a forum for report and accountability as well as a springboard for action in the Diocese. There is an active Criminal Justice group. Regular day conferences, lectures and displays are arranged on topics of current interest. Newsletters are distributed to the clergy and the parishes. Wherever possible we work with our regional and ecumenical partners.)

Peterborough Diocese

Robert Hill is the Bishop’s Officer for Mission in Society

Work is primarily focussed on enabling supporting and encouraging parishes to engage with their Christian social responsibility in the world. This is seen as an integral part of Church Growth.


St Albans Diocese

Social Responsibility Officer

On the home page click on Mission and the social responsibility topics will appear on a menu on the left hand side of the page. Much of the SR work in the diocese is done through 14-specialist groups, which have pages accessible via this menu.

St Edmundsbury & Ipswich Diocese

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end of East region

Region: Midlands

Derby Diocese

Mission and Ministry Team

Community Action Officer and Community Project Development Officer

Information has migrated to especially to pages under the heading Mission and the Community Engagement

Social Responsibility work is undertaken by 2-officers who are part of Derby Diocese Mission and Ministry team.

Current priorities include: Mental Health, financial inclusion, environment, 50+ and project development.

Staff actively support the development of parish Mission Action Plans, particularly research of the community for where are we starting from?

Contact: via the website or by email to Community Action Officer:
Community Project Development Officer:

Hereford Diocese

(to be written)

Lichfield Diocese

Department of Transforming Communities

Serving areas in and around Walsall, Wolverhampton, part of Sandwell, Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire, Telford & Wrekin and much of Shropshire. – where the Transforming Communities webpages are currently being up-dated to include information about issues such as accessibility and disability; debt counselling; diversity and inclusivity; elderly; environmental concerns; family support; health, mental health and well-being; homelessness; offenders and prisons; interfaith relationships; issues of human sexuality; refugees, asylum seekers and migrant workers; rural matters; work and the economy. There are also links to HealthCare and Prison Chaplaincy and to other organizations with whom we work closely.

Lincoln Diocese

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Worcester Diocese

Commission for Social Responsibility (CSR)

The website has these pages of particular relevance to Social Responsibility (SR)

Information supplied by,

Doug Chaplin
Mission Development Officer

last updated 8/09/2018

end of midlands region

Region: North

Contact the appropriate regional representative about SR information for any diocese that is not included in the SRN Regional list

North Region Representative:

Debbie Dalby
Mark Waddington

Blackburn Diocese and then follow links to Social Responsibility

Within the website section you will find details of projects which we run centrally and the support and networks that we open up to parishes and Deaneries in the Diocese. We also operate Together Lancashire a joint venture of CUF, the Diocese and Lancashire Methodist District.

There are three major Diocesan based projects: one working in the Criminal Justice area working with those who have received Conditional Cautions, providing support and mentoring to them; the second providing both supported and supervised Child Contact sessions for separated and divorced parents, and providing Information Programmes for separating parents; the third major project uses a redundant church building as a family and support centre.

The groupings cover a wide spectrum from Racial Justice and Cohesion to World Development, from Ecology and environment to inclusion and disability issues. The list is not to be considered fixed, it is a fluid list which responds to situations as they arise.

The introduction of Together Lancashire into the mix means that we can now support many other smaller church groups to develop the work that they are doing in the area of Social Justice.

Carlisle Diocese

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Chester Diocese

Committee for Social Responsibility

The aim of the Diocese of Chester Committee for Social Responsibility is to resource and support parishes in mission, particularly their social action and outreach. CSR webpages reflect this aim by providing resources, information and links and specifically on our key areas of work; Disability and Deaf Awareness, Counselling and Mental Health, Family Life, Urban Mission and Ministry.

We have working groups focussed upon the following; Environmental concerns, Criminal Justice, World Development, Rural Affairs and Minority Ethnic Anglican Concerns.

Current work includes; Life Expectancy Wirral (addressing the gap between rich and poor), Challenging Poverty.

Durham Diocese

(to be written)

Manchester Diocese

Transforming Communities Team (currently under redevelopment)

The Transforming Communities Team is based within the Mission and Ministry Department.  We support parishes, projects and networks of activists as they seek to develop creative responses the challenges facing diverse local communities and wider issues of global justice.

We currently develop action via three core work streams – Anti-Poverty, Welcome and Belonging, and Sustainable World.  In each of these we seek work in partnership with other organisations pursuing the same goals.

Since 2015 our anti-poverty work, particularly in relation to homelessness, has been supported by Greater Together Manchester, a joint venture with CUF.

Key Contact:

Southwell & Nottingham Diocese

Department for Partnerships and Mission Team

Director of Partnerships and Mission: The Revd David McCoulough

Click to visit our web site!

The task of the Partnerships and Mission Team is to help raise awareness in the Diocese of the social and ethical challenges that face us as Christians today, and to encourage and support reflection and action in response to these challenges, witnessing to the Gospel in our public life and in our communities. Central to our mission is working with others in partnership to serve our communities. Our work is integral to the diocesan vision of Growing Disciples Wider Younger Deeper.

On the website you will find sections on: mental  health, debt, deaf church, housing justice, older people, workplace chaplaincy, rural community, asylum seekers, disability and Transforming Notts Together.

(last updated 30/07/2018)

Leeds Diocese

Formerly known as “West Yorks and the Dales”

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Liverpool Diocese

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Sheffield Diocese

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end of north region

Region: South East & London

Canterbury Diocese

Web site: (click!)
(To be written!)

Chichester Diocese

Web site: (Click!)

Church in Society department

The Church in Society department in the Diocese of Chichester has the role of assisting churches to develop their level of engagement with their local community, of promoting good environmental responsibility amongst churches, and of promoting positive attitudes towards diversity and equality in the diocese. In addition the department manages the Emergency Response plan and offers advice to members of the diocese at all levels on issues of Christian concern in society.
Diocesan Church in Society Adviser: David Farey (Click to email!)
Tel: 01273 425692.
(last updated: unknown?)

Guildford Diocese

Department for Social Responsibility

Web site: (click!)  and follow Department links to Social Responsibility

The Department for Social Responsibility advises the Bishop, Diocese and Parishes on matters of social policy and supports local church projects and practice. We manage a number of services linked to specific areas of work: Health & well-being; children, young people and family support; work economy & business; criminal justice and resettlement; care and support of the elderly; social cohesion; refugees and Interfaith. These arise out of engagement with community issues across the Diocese’s geographical area, working in collaboration and partnership with other public agencies and community groups. We work with all people regardless of their faith and none.
(last updated: unknown?)

London Diocese

(to be written)

London Churches Social Action

Useful Link: Click to visit their home page!
(last update: unknown?)

Oxford Diocese

Board of Mission
(Mission in the World Group)

Web site: Click to visit their home page!

Website contains factsheets and written resources, information about range of social justice issues (especially disability, the spiritual care of older people, mental health, world development), and blogs on environmental and rural issues.
(last update: unknown?)

Portsmouth Diocese

Web Site: Click to visit their home page!

Diocesan Council for Social Responsibility (CSR)

Web Site: Click to visit their home page!

CSR runs a number of social programmes mainly at parish or diocesan level, in South East Hampshire, Portsmouth and the Isle of Wight.

CSR seeks to encourage engagement, impact and leadership in the community. In recent years, it has been switching its emphasis towards a more socially enterprising approach. We seek to help Anglican churches re-think their aims, vision and purpose by looking at innovative and inspirational new ways of engaging people in local communities that are meaningful and sustainable with our rapid development programme (rdp). We also host the Good Neighbours Network ( which supports about 4,000 volunteers across Hampshire in 123 independent local groups with simple neighbourly help such as driving people to GP or hospital appointments, shopping, befriending or DIY. We also work with others, including the Kaospilots School in Denmark, on creative leadership approaches and build new skills.

Director of Social Enterprise and Engagement

Diocese of Portsmouth

m: 07828 522600

Good Neighbours Network

Diocesan Office, Peninsular House,
Wharf Road, Portsmouth, Hants PO2 8HB

(last update: 27 August 2018, DJS)

Southwark Diocese

Web Site: Click to visit their home page!

(to be written)

(last update: unknown?)

Winchester Diocese

The Diocese of Winchester has recently set up a new organisation, the Winchester Social Enterprise (WSE), to support parish-based enterprising activity and help them to be more engaged in their local communities for the common good, as part of the Diocesan strategy to be ‘agents of social transformation’. WSE is focussing initially on setting up a network of Christian-based nurseries and pre-schools, under the name Launchpad Early years ( which will have some directly run settings and support other parish run settings. WSE also supports training in social enterprise and networking opportunities.

Director of Social Enterprise and Engagement

Diocese of Winchester

m: 07828 522600

Launchpad Early Years

Diocesan Office, Old Alresford Place, Old Alresford, Hants SO24 9DH

(last update: 27 August 2018, DJS)

End of South East England & London region

Region: Province of Wales

Swansea and Brecon Diocese

Board for Social Responsibility

The Diocese of Swansea and Brecon Board for Social Responsibility Ltd is involved in highlighting issues of social concern within the Diocese. It is a Registered Charity and works within the Diocese in co-ordination with the Bishop and the Diocesan Board of Finance and is also supported by the Diocesan Mothers Union.

The Board runs a number of Projects on behalf of the Diocese.

end of province of wales region