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IAWN – Freedom Sunday 2017

International Anglican Women’s Network (IAWN)

Prevent Human Trafficking

The elimination of all forms of violence against women and children, including trafficking, is one of IAWN’s priority concerns. Below are some resources to help us raise awareness and take action.

Sunday 15 October 2017 – Freedom Sunday
Click here to reach the Freedom Sunday briefing PDF
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Calling People of Goodwill

The Bible Reading Fellowship

Calling People of Goodwill: The Bible and the Common Good

We are living in turbulent times – with religious, political and social divisions challenging our identity and common life. So what kinds of conversation and encounter will help us move forward? The common good is a means to seek the welfare of all people and this new Booklet from Bible Society in collaboration with Together for the Common Good, explores how Christians of all traditions, can build the common good – both now, and for future generations.

Looking at what the Bible can show us about the common good, we have chosen six short passages from the Old and New Testaments which prompt reflection, discussion, prayer and action.

It isn’t easy to respond to God’s call to live for the common good. It requires us to be people with the courage to ‘stay in the room’, negotiate and keep dialogue going by recognising the humanity of everyone, including those with whom we disagree. This is a Booklet for our times.


Calling People of Goodwill: The Bible and the Common Good

Available @ £3.99 from:

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Bible Fellowship

Prayer for use in Dementia week

God of hope and resurrection,
you know us better than we know ourselves,
and draw us to peace and wholeness in your love.
We remember before you
those who are unable to remember their own lives.
Guard and treasure their lost memories for them,
and hold their past in your safe hands,
that when the death of the body comes,
you may bring them to the full life of the resurrection,
restore and heal the memories of their lives,
and give them back to themselves,
that we with them may rejoice in your love,
and find the fullness of life in your presence,
Father, Son and Holy Spirit.


Thank you to Doug Chaplin, Worcester Diocese for permission  to publish this prayer.

Prayer for National Carer’s Week

Blessing for a home carer

In your devoted but demanding ministry,
may you receive God’s blessing and be a blessing in return to the one you care for.
When exhaustion overwhelms you, may God renew your vigour.
When patience is tested, may he grant fortitude.
When all seems bleak, may he shed light.
When tears flow, may he bring comfort.
May you and your loved one know his peace,
receive his strength and experience his love,
surrounding and supporting you always
through Jesus Christ our Lord.

From  ‘God bless you’ by  Nick Fawcett.  ISBN 1-84417-362-3. Pub Kevin Mayhew.

Used on this website with permission from the publisher.  For any other use, permission must be obtained from the copyright department via

Prayer of St Francis

Credit Unions

The Credit Union Movement has always stressed the all humanity are brothers and sisters and puts this ideal into practice in the economic field. No words have expressed this idea more beautifully or more meaningfully than the Prayer of St. Francis which has since been widely recognised as the official prayer of the Credit Union Movement.

Make me an instrument of thy peace
Where there is hatred, let me sow love
Where there is injury, pardon
Where there is doubt, faith
Where there is despair, hope
Where there is darkness, light
And where there is sadness, joy.

O Divine Master
Grant that I may not so much seek
To be consoled as to console
To be understood as to understand
To be loved as to love
For it is in giving, that we receive
It is in pardoning, that we are pardoned
And it is in dying, that we are born to eternal life.

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Lent Material – Seeking the Common Good

I wonder if you could circulate this around the SR network, please. The Worcester Diocesan Lent Course Seeking the Common Good is now available on our website, if anyone is interested, or receives queries from people asking for study material which relates to election or good society / common good themes in advance of the election.

Yours, Doug

Doug Chaplin
Mission Development Officer

Vigil and Symbolic Devotion

WATCH up North has looked long and hard for a wider issue to support and run alongside the campaign to open up the episcopate to women, just as WATCH is doing at the national level.

In 2012, in response to revelations about the heinous crimes of sexual abuse against children a body of material was put together in conjunction with WATCH Membership and the Social Responsibility Network. Vigils were held on Holy Innocents Day, 28th December. The church’s message of support for the survivors of abuse being made explicit through holding the vigils on that particular day in the church calendar. Continue reading Vigil and Symbolic Devotion

Humanising Work by Chris Beales

Please find attached a copy of a short book I have written, and details of it and my previous book, “Practising Jesus”, attached.

The new book “Humanising Work” – you kindly circulated info a month or two ago – is now available through Amazon for £2.49 (e-book) and £5.99 (print on demand pb).

I’d be grateful if you can draw its availability to the attention of your networks and anyone who’d be interested.

With best wishes


leader articles worth sharing

Dear Ann

Could you ask our network to highlight any articles they have published that might be worth sharing in Derbyshire churches. We have reviewed our publication ‘find’ and from September (2014) will do so every other month but our readers clearly hope to have extra articles for leaders to use in sermon prep’ or as openers to sermons, for homegroup leaders to use in discussion and for parish magazine editors to publish. It could be for in house or external audience.

For my part in return you can use any I have published which are available at: and if you would rather use any of the ones I’ve not written then get back to me and I’ll try to get permission to publish asap if that is needed. If you have regular items produced with permission for to be published elsewhere it would be great to know of the website address where it is published.


Stella Collishaw
Community Action Officer
Mission and Ministry Team Derby Diocese