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Christian social action is part of our understanding and commitment to holistic mission, a means of relating our faith to the world in which we live, an impetus to growth in discipleship and a contribution to building God’s Kingdom.  It relates particularly to the Marks of Mission to:

  • Respond to human need by loving service.
  • Transform unjust structures of society, challenge violence of every kind and pursue peace and reconciliation.
  • Strive to safeguard the integrity of creation, and sustain and renew the life of the earth.

Social Responsibility covers a wide range of topics and issues, with each diocese and member having their own priorities for current and future work within the diocesan / organisational strategy for mission.  However, there are some areas of work that are common across the SR Network and where it is helpful to share resources, information and links, and we will be collecting these on a thematic basis.   New pages will be added on an ongoing basis as new themes and issues arise.

Suggestions for future ‘SR Issues’ or contributions to existing pages will always be welcome, and can be sent via this email address:

CUF Plan germinates!


Dear David,

Thank you for your continued support of the Mustard Seed Appeal and the Just Finance Foundation. We wanted to update you on some significant pieces of news as we work towards fairer finance.

First step towards fairer credit as Wonga goes into administration

The announcement that high cost credit provider Wonga has gone into administration is a sign that the Just Finance Foundation’s work is having a real impact. The rates charged by Wonga for their loans have been one of the criticisms of the Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, who wants to see a fairer credit landscape for all. In 2013 he announced the church would compete Wonga out of business by supporting more ethical credit unions.

Canon Paul Hackwood, Executive Director of Church Urban Fund and Trustee of the Just Finance Foundation says:

‘Today we are seeing the result of the much-needed tougher financial regulations starting to bite. The Just Finance Foundation (JFF) – the Archbishop’s charity focused on fostering a fair financial system – is working to promote financial health, of many struggling with debt right across the social spectrum, and particularly among those for whom making ends meet is a daily struggle.’

Read the full article in yesterdays (30/08/2018) Guardian  here

What comes after Welby’s War on Wonga

Just a few weeks before ago, Rowena Young, Executive Director for the Just Finance Foundation (JFF), outlined the plans for how the JFF might help to increase our nation’s financial capability.

Read her article in the Church Times here

This extract came from an email from:

Church Urban Fund

Church House, 27 Great Smith Street, Westminster, London, SW1P 3AZ

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#fixuniversalcredit: End Hunger UK petition

Please help promote End Hunger UK’s national petition, designed to send a powerful message to the Prime Minister – it’s time to fix Universal Credit.

Five ways you can help make the Petition a success
• Promote the Petition to your own members and supporters on social media – using the hashtags #endhungeruk and #fixuniversalcredit – embed either of the graphics below into social media posts or use/adapt one of the suggested tweets below.
• Include details of the Petition in newsletters and other communications to members and supporters.
The webpage with full details of the Petition is at:
• A PDF copy of the Petition can be downloaded here! Please feel free to republish this on your own website or embed the link in your own electronic communications.
• Publicise the Handy hints how local groups can help to gathering signatures at food banks, local projects, churches and other faith groups over the next 4 months
• Promote End Hunger Week (13 – 20 October 2018) as an opportunity for local groups to plan activities to promote the petition.

Suggested tweets:

No one should need to go to bed hungry in the UK. Help send a powerful message to the Prime Minister – its time to #fixUniversalCredit.

Sign the petition #EndHungerUK
Everyone should have access to good food. Call on the UK Government to #fixUniversalCredit to prevent more people going hungry. #endhungeruk

End Hunger UK is built on a vision of a society where everyone has access to good food, and no one has to go to bed hungry. We call on Government to fix Universal Credit to prevent more people going hungry.
We all rely on the welfare safety net being there for us in times of financial stress or hardship. But Universal Credit is currently failing in that task.
In areas where Universal Credit has been rolled out, food banks and other food aid providers report a surge in the numbers of people pushed into greater debt, destitution and hunger as a result of delays, errors, a lack of flexibility, and inadequate support. Today End Hunger UK publishes the alarming findings from our national survey into the impact of Universal Credit on food poverty. And we are calling for action.
As a matter of urgency, End Hunger UK is calling on the government to:
• Take action to improve the flexibility and support for people on Universal Credit.
• Make improvements to Universal Credit, to ensure it does not leave more people at risk of debt and destitution.
• Make a long-term commitment to ensure Universal Credit provides people with enough income to afford good food on a regular basis.
We will deliver the petition to 10 Downing Street in the lead-up to the Autumn Budget in mid-November. By then, we hope that many of the, literally, thousands of people who each week use, volunteer or donate to food banks and other food projects across the UK will have signed the petition.

The campaign is being supported by a range of national food and poverty charities including Child Poverty Action Group; Church Action on Poverty; the Church of England; First Steps Nutrition Trust; the Food Foundation; the Independent Food Aid Network; Nourish Scotland; Sustain: the alliance for food and farming and the Trussell Trust. We invite you to join us.
Please join us and be part of the campaign to fix Universal Credit!

This information was supplied by Niall Cooper, for End Hunger UK

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Help available from charity ‘Buttle UK’ for children without a bed

“More than four hundred thousand children do not have a bed of their own, forcing many to share or sleep on the floor. Gerri McAndrew from the charity Buttle UK and Assistant Head Teacher Bex Wilson, who realised one of her own pupils was having to sleep on the floor, discuss.”

Quote from BBC Radio 4, Woman’s Hour, Sat 4 Aug 2018, 4.00 pm

Link to BBC Radio 4 to listen!

WAKE UP CALL Half a million British children don’t have their own bed so help us change that with our Beds For Kids campaign
We need your help to give every single child a place to sleep tight

Ruth Harrison, The Sun, 5 May 2018

Read the full article in the Sun! 

Be aware! Some readers may find neighboring articles in the Sun unacceptable

Link to charity ‘Buttle UK’, web site to apply for help!

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Community Engagement – Livability

Mental Health in the community

Click here to reach the full newsletter !

The March 2018 edition includes an article by David Primrose entitled:

Let’s change the culture of our churches by lifting the lid on mental health

Other articles in this edition include:

Christians in Practice – connecting discipleship and community engagement

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Report: Overlaps and common issues in rural and urban contexts

Churches Together in England Urban and Rural Forum Meeting 11 August 2017 at CTE Tavistock Square, London

“Christians in urban and rural areas have discovered similarities and links across the different contexts in which they work. Following informal discussions about cross-overs and the implications for ministry, Churches Together in England convened and hosted a meeting for members of the Churches Rural Group and the Urban Forum. Chaired by Rev Dr David Cornick (General Secretary of CTE), it provided an opportunity to listen to one another’s experience, share information and identify overlaps, common ground and potential areas for collaboration in future work. A number of common issues that have wider implications emerged from the case studies, stories and experiences shared.”

To study this report in full follow this link!

(The report contains further links to a multitude of other relevant information ! – DJS Jul 2018)

Churches and befriending projects

Tackling Isolation and Loneliness – Link Visiting Scheme

If you are concerned about loneliness and isolation amongst older people, the Link Visiting Scheme has a range of excellent resources available which enable churches to respond effectively.

This national Christian befriending charity supports the mission of local churches by helping them to set up projects to help lonely older people re-connect with their communities. On 1 July 2015 Link Visiting launched the Build-A-Link Challenge. This resource raises awareness of social isolation and provides some suggested responses for churches, including ideas for projects and activities that could help address the issue locally.

The charity has also developed a model of operating a befriending project for churches in urban and rural settings, based on its own experience of running a successful scheme since 1998. Full support, training, documentation and advice are provided to churches seeking to set up a project in their community.

For details of the Build-A-Link Challenge go to and information about setting up a befriending project can be found at ‘Getting started’ case studies from churches that have set up a project in partnership with Link Visiting Scheme are available at

London Churches – Common Voice on Migration

Dear all,

We had an excellent day seminar on migration last week (June 2015), attended by around 50 people from across London and across the denominations.
The contributions from the day, together with the Bible passages people brought with them, and an art work created on the day, are now on our website:
Click for their home page!
The next stage in our Common Voice process is to reflect more deeply on the issues raised on the day and what the Spirit is saying to the churches on migration.
Please let us know if you have any reflections on the day. We will feed these into the core group’s next meeting when we shall draft some common voice for us all to consider further.

Peace to all, Steven.

Canon Steven Saxby,

Tel: 020 7654 3857
Text: 078 5555 1050
Follow us on Twitter: @londonchurches

Shellshocked Prophets

SHELLSHOCKED PROPHETS Former Anglican Army Chaplains in Inter-War Britain by Linda Parker

“The Anglican chaplains who served in the Great War were changed by their experience of total war. They returned determined to revitalise the Anglican Church in Britain… ” (Read more)

Could you circulate the attached to the SR Network, it is a little unusual, but it may be of interest.

With best wishes

Terry (