CUF Lent Course

Here’s another useful resource for Lent.  Does anyone else have anything they have prepared, or are aware of?  It would be good to compile a list to go on our website.


Hope for Lent

Disenchantment with our political and economic systems is running very high.

So where might we find genuine hope – hope that will not disappoint us?

Christians believe that any hope we can really trust must have its source in the grace and love of God. That’s more than a pious platitude: in the midst of so much cynicism and disappointment, the Church is both showing and telling a different way to live.

Hope, Actually is a five week Lent course which explores the hope we find in Jesus Christ, and its power to transform our increasingly anxious and cynical society.

Each session has a mix of discussion, Bible study (on that Sunday’s lectionary readings) and video stories. It ends with suggestions for prayer and ideas for action.