A selection of national resources and SR organisations

(arranged in alphabetical order)

A Rocha

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Buttle UK

“The charity ‘Buttle UK’ is named after Reverend Frank Buttle, a remarkable man whose hard work and personal sacrifice helped to establish our grant programmes, which have been helping children and young people in need across the UK since 1953.” (source: Buttle UK web site)

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CAP – Church Action on Poverty

CAP enables people in poverty to develop more sustainable livelihoods. Helping to give a voice to people experiencing poverty. Mobilizing churches to work with others to overcome poverty.

We are a national ecumenical Christian social justice charity, committed to tackling poverty in the UK. CAP work in partnership with churches and with people in poverty themselves to find solutions to poverty, locally, nationally and globally. We have a vision of a fairer society with a narrower gap between rich and poor.

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Caring for God’s Acre

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Church of England

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CTBI – Churches Together in Britain & Ireland

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CTE – Churches Together in England

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CUF – Church Urban Fund

We are Christians tackling poverty together in England. We do this by giving time and money, action and prayer.

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Eco-Congregation is an ecumenical program helping churches make the link between environmental issues and Christian faith, and respond in practical action in the church, in the lives of individuals, and in the local and global community.

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Germinate! Arthur Rank Centre (ARC)

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Housing Justice

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JPIT – Praxis

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(JPIT = Joint public issues team, an inter-denominational collaboration)

Just Finance

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Justice Mail

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MPA – Mission and Public Affairs Division

The Church of England is called, as are all Churches, to carry forward the work that Jesus Christ began in all aspects of the life of people in society. The MPA division oversees how that calling is carried out at the national level of the Church of England in evangelism, development of parish congregations, internationally through the work of the world mission agencies – and in rural and urban communities

One role of MPA is to liaise with parliament and to advise bishops who sit in the House of Lords…

Church in Parliament

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Shrinking the Footprint

The Church of England’s national environmental campaign aimed at resourcing the Church’s 44 dioceses (including the Diocese in Europe) and 16,000 churches to reduce their footprint.

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