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September 2019 edition

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The Joint Public Issues Team (JPIT) exists to equip Christians to act and pray on issues of injustice, to resource churches to reflect and campaign effectively, and to help our Churches to speak out with a distinctively Christian voice on injustice. We hope that this newsletter helps to inspire and encourage you to pray and to keep speaking out about the injustices you see around you, no matter how uncertain the times we are living in can seem to be.
Looking back over the last month and looking ahead to the next, there is so much to tell you about. We exposed the surprising link between the DWP and striptease artists, we continue to wait for a response to the letter we sent to the PM and we have some exciting announcements to make about our conference in 2020.
There are changes in our staffing to update you on, plus the usual round-up of our recent blogs and upcoming events.
Vital to our work in resourcing our churches well is hearing from you: please keep in touch using our contact details or social media channels, particularly about how you’re getting on and the challenges you face as we together work and pray for a more just and peaceful world.

Hannah & Roo, Editors, Joint Public Issues Team

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