Region: East

Chelmsford Diocese

(esp. Bradwell Episcopal Area)
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Ely Diocese

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(Board for Church in Society (For Church in Society follow links under Church and Community) The Board consists of diocesan officers and lay representatives from a wide range of social interests. It seeks to promote, develop and co-ordinate responsible social thought and action within the Diocese. It provides a forum for report and accountability as well as a springboard for action in the Diocese. There is an active Criminal Justice group. Regular day conferences, lectures and displays are arranged on topics of current interest. Newsletters are distributed to the clergy and the parishes. Wherever possible we work with our regional and ecumenical partners.)

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Peterborough Diocese

Robert Hill is the Bishop’s Officer for Mission in Society

Work is primarily focussed on enabling supporting and encouraging parishes to engage with their Christian social responsibility in the world. This is seen as an integral part of Church Growth.


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St Albans Diocese

Social Responsibility Officer

On the home page click on Mission and the social responsibility topics will appear on a menu on the left hand side of the page. Much of the SR work in the diocese is done through 14-specialist groups, which have pages accessible via this menu.

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St Edmundsbury & Ipswich Diocese

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