Region: South West

Bath & Wells Diocese

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Bristol Diocese

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Exeter Diocese

Exeter Diocese has a department for Church & Society which comprises an Administrative Secretary, Director, Social Responsibility Officer (SRO) and a Together Network development worker (‘Transforming Plymouth Together’ Joint Venture) as paid staff. In addition, we have a voluntary Interfaith Adviser and an Environmental Adviser and work with other volunteers on specific tasks.

Our current main activities include ecumenical working groups on Dementia, Fairtrade, Green Action, Mental Health and Modern Slavery. Issues of food and nutrition (including Fair Access to Food/Food Poverty and Food Security) are high priorities and promoted through local partnerships. The environmental work includes a 10-year low carbon strategy as we develop as an Eco Diocese, and a Living Churchyards initiative to promote wildlife conservation and biodiversity. We also manage a successful interfaith ecological network which meets regularly bring together people from different faith and belief traditions.

Prison and criminal justice affairs are managed through SW Peninsula Initiative Community Chaplaincy which we set up about 10-years ago, whilst anti-poverty, equalities and social inclusion work continues through community projects such as Exeter Community Initiatives and TPT. The Diocese is seeking to be a Living Wage Employer and a Mindful Employer.

We also work closely with our Devon Churches Rural Forum and the ‘Growing the Rural Church’ project.

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SW SROs meet every 3-months with an annual residential gathering and occasional training days. We cooperate strongly on many issues and founded EcoChurch South West (partnership with 7-Dioceses and Ecotricity) ten years ago.

(latest update 1/8/18)

Gloucester Diocese

In Gloucester Diocese, social responsibility is held within the Mission and Ministry department.  The focus is on enabling local churches to engage with their local communities at greater depth, encouraging partnerships working, networking and a depth of local relationship in order for social responsibility work to emerge at a local level.  When several churches or benefices are working on a particular issue, we enable networking so that experience and best practice can be shared.  Under our current vision, we have four particular priorities: Community engagement, with a focus on the Asset Based Community Development model (ABCD); Mental Health; Environment; and Inclusion/exclusion.  More information is available through the following website pages:

Social responsibility: (Click!)

Inclusive community: (Click!)

Environment: (Click!)

(latest update 31/07/2018)

Salisbury Diocese

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Winchester Diocese

The Diocese of Winchester has recently set up a new organisation, the Winchester Social Enterprise (WSE), to support parish-based enterprising activity and help them to be more engaged in their local communities for the common good, as part of the Diocesan strategy to be ‘agents of social transformation’. WSE is focussing initially on setting up a network of Christian-based nurseries and pre-schools, under the name Launchpad Early years ( which will have some directly run settings and support other parish run settings. WSE also supports training in social enterprise and networking opportunities.

Director of Social Enterprise and Engagement

Diocese of Winchester

m: 07828 522600

Launchpad Early Years

Diocesan Office, Old Alresford Place, Old Alresford, Hants SO24 9DH

(latest update: 27 August 2018, DJS)

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