SRN 2015 Conference – building the theme

SRN2015 Research logoOver the next year (2014-15) the Social Responsibility Network will be exploring the link between discipleship and social action in all its divergent forms. The aim is to understand this better, and to provide evidence and resources to support social responsibility officers and advisers in their work of promoting, encouraging and supporting loving service in the name of Christ.

In the first phase we will be collecting stories and we need your help.

We are asking members of the network to invite, and maybe help, Christians whose discipleship leads them to action to tell their story. At this stage we are casting the net as widely as possible; for example stories could be about motivation for action, deepening of faith, meeting Christ in the stranger or the relationship between action and worship.

Action too needs to be understood in the broadest sense. The first story that we have received is about someone who actually withdrew from formal Christian activity in order to care for a terminally ill husband.

More details of the stories we are asking for can be found on our ‘Invitation to Storytellers‘ page, the information can also be downloaded as an MS Word document or PDF so that you can pass on a hard copy as an invitation.

Maybe you have a story to tell! We would love to hear it.

As we gather stories they are being made available to SRN members on a password-protected page at :

Over the summer we will be reviewing the stories we have received to see how they can feed our understanding and be used in our SRN 2015 conference in October.

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