SRN 2015 Conference Theme

SRN2015 logoSRN 2015

Over the year (2014-15) the Social Responsibility Network explored the link between discipleship and social action in all its divergent forms. The aim was to understand this better, and to provide evidence and resources to support social responsibility officers and advisers in their work of promoting, encouraging and supporting loving service in the name of Christ.

The work breaks down into four phases:

  • Gathering material (Early 2015)
  • Review and preparation (Summer 2015)
  • The national SRN Conference (October 2015)
  • Review and write up (Winter and Spring 2016)

The important activity initially was to gather stories that describe the real experiences of Christians in all their diversity, and we asked for your help in doing this.

SRN2015 Research logoPhase 1: Gathering Material

We asked members of the network to gather stories that express how faith and action are related in the real experience of individual Christians. At this stage we cast the net as widely as possible; for example stories could be about motivation for action, deepening of faith, meeting Christ in the stranger or the relationship between action and worship.

Action too needs to be understood in the broadest sense. The first story that we have received is about someone who actually withdrew from formal ‘Christian activity’ in order to care for a terminally ill husband.

We ask that, at this stage, they should fit onto a single side of A4.

Stories can be anonymous.

Where specific stories appear to be significant and may usefully have more detail added we might contact the person who passed the story on to us with a request for more information. It will, however, be entirely at the discretion of the author and the person who passed on the story whether any further information is provided.

Phase 2: Review and preparation

As we received stories we looked at the overall picture that emerged to discern common themes that may be developed in the programme. We reviewed the stories and themes as we planned the detailed content for the SRN Conference.

Phase 3: The National SRN Conference 2015

This took place in Ely on 12, 13 and 14 October 2015.

The core material for the conference was reflection upon the stories that we gathered and their wider significance. We invited people from outside the network to join us for the conference to provide insights from different perspectives that will support and facilitate our work.

Phase 4: Review and writing up

The work that takes place after the conference will be determined by the understanding that has come from the process and the conclusions of the conference. It may be that further work is planned.

The end of this process will be a report that will be made widely available (possibly in the form of a Grove Booklet or equivalent).

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