This is a selection of the vast array of SR resources that are available. For a more complete catalogue and to discuss where best to spend your time, contact your local member of SRN.

SRN guidance for new SROs

Guidelines for Social Responsibility Staff

This document provides guidance for new SROs and for those responsible for appointing SROs.

Download the Staff Guidelines (21/05/2002)

Please note that these guidelines are in the process of being revised. The most important update to note is that the principle national SR officers are now part of Mission and Public Affairs Division, for more information about MPA Division go to

(the link was broken and therefore removed, Webmaster DJS Jan2018)

SRN member publications

Equipping for rural mission

This resource has been produced and developed by Stella Collishaw (SR Network) and Simon Martin (The Arthur Rank Centre).

  • It is free to download
  • Is a web-based toolkit for small rural churches
  • It is aimed at helping you understand your local Church congregation and the community you serve
  • It follows the broad principles of the pastoral cycle
  • It is designed to be used by lay leaders
  • It can be used by one or a group of churches
  • The aim of the toolkit is to give simple ways to rethink community based mission

For more information and to download ‘Equipping for rural mission’ – Click here!

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