An invitation to tell your story …

SRN2015 Research logoWe would love to hear a story that expresses the relationship between what you do and what you believe.

(The information on this page can be downloaded as a PDF file here. Stories should be emailed to Richard Jordan at

It may be that as you have ‘loved your neighbour’ you have found that your love for God has grown. May be when you were caring for a relative it ‘clicked’ that you were acting out your faith. May be something you did ‘out there’ shone a light on part of a service of worship … or maybe …

We would like to hear all sorts of stories, from regular volunteering for a charity to a small act that was somehow particularly significant to what you do in your paid employment. Maybe the story took place at work, at school or in the home. We don’t want to limit the stories we hear and are looking forward to being surprised.

The point is to deepen our understanding of what it means to be a Christian disciple and how that relates to what we do in caring for others – whoever they are and in whatever circumstances.

Would you share your story with us?

We would really appreciate stories that fit onto one side of A4. Some stories may be only a few sentences long.

Who are we?

Members of the Social Responsibility Network are Social Responsibility Advisers or Officers in the Church, and others with an interest in Christian social action. Most of us are Anglican but not all of us, and we do welcome people of all Christian denominations. You can find out more about us on our website

The ‘small print’

Please don’t include any personal details that you are not happy to share publically, we anticipate that most stories will be anonymous and that they will have no identifying details. Nothing will be added that may link you to your story.

Our promise is that we will only get in touch with you through the person who passes your story on to us. If you tell them that you want no further communication with us we will respect that absolutely. If however you do want to be kept informed directly about the progress of the project please send us an email address and we will add you to a mailing list that will only be used for that purpose.

It may be that your story will raise some important or interesting questions and we may want to ask for more details. If so, we will contact the person who has passed this information to you. They will absolutely respect your wishes and, if you want to say ‘no’, no explanation will be needed.

Your story may be shared with people attending our conference in October 2015. It may also appear on our website so that people who cannot attend the conference would be able to join in our reflection and study.

And finally …

If you want to follow the progress of the study there will be regular updates on our website and there will be an opportunity for you to let us have your observations and comments. You could also let us have an email address to be added to our mailing list.

Stories should be emailed to Richard Jordan at

We do hope that you will be part of this exciting study and we look forward to hearing from you.

(The information on this page can be downloaded as a PDF file here.)

A network of people passionate that the Church engages with the issues of our communities