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take the annual sleepout challenge!

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The Advent Sleepout Challenge dares you to give up your bed for one night and get sponsored to do so, raising money for projects tackling homelessness all over the country. It’s your chance to make a difference to the lives of thousands of people living on the edges of society in England. During Advent, people all over the country will be giving up a night of comfort and sleeping out with their friends, families, church groups, clubs, colleagues and community groups. They’ll be wrapping up in their winter woollies for a fun night in school halls, churches, community halls, scout huts, garden sheds… pretty much anywhere, just as long as it’s not in their beds.

Funds raised will support the work of the Church Urban Fund which tackles homelessness through its Together Network by supporting Winter Night Shelters and other initiatives. I’ve recently heard from one of our projects in Middlesbrough called Positive Pathways which is one such initiative. The Positive Pathways project aims to help people move out of homelessness into more stable and sustainable way of living and is based on a simple premise – people come in two days a week for a cup of tea, a simple meal and some socialising. If they need help with benefits or to access another kind of help, the Positive Pathways team can facilitate that.

Best wishes, Holly & Abi, Chief Sleepers – The Advent Sleepout Challenge Team

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Linking Lives UK – Video launch

Linking Lives UK – a Christian project addressing social isolation and loneliness

You will no doubt be aware that loneliness and social isolation are issues of increasing concern in the UK, and Church Urban Fund have found that almost 70% of Anglican clergy see loneliness as the biggest issue in their communities.
You may also be aware that the government produced a Loneliness Strategy last November (2018) and we are working with them, along with other Christian organisations, to discuss the role of churches and faith groups in addressing these issues.
It is against this background that we launched a promotional film outlining our work, and we are looking for partners from churches and Christian organisations who would be interested in working with us to set up a Linking Lives befriending project in their community. The short film can be found on our website where further information can be downloaded.

Jeremy Sharpe, National Director, 10 May 2019

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This information is supplied by:

Jeremy Sharpe
National Director, Linking Lives UK

Tel: 0300 302 0225
Web: www.linkinglives.uk

Linking Lives UK – Registered Charity No: 1170325

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Sharing the Gift Of Meditation

Grant Fund:
Sharing the Gift of Christian Meditation

CUF is working with the World Community for Christian Meditation on this small grants fund to enable more people to find out about meditation, help them develop their own personal and group practices and through this, reach out to the wider world.

The fund has three key objectives:

  1. To promote the understanding and practice of meditation. For example, is there a particular group of people you want to introduce to meditation? How can you do that?
  2. To encourage meditators to deepen their practice. For example, do you have ideas for helping people persevere and go deeper?
  3. To reach out to all parts of society in order to share the gifts that meditation brings. For example, do you particularly want to take meditation out to people and places beyond the reach of churches, or where traditional language isn’t readily understood.

Grants are available from £100 to £5,000 or more.

Further information is available here (Click!)

This information came from – Amy Page